Whether you need us to assemble your jewelry from scratch or make repairs to pre-existing pieces, our experts at AJC Jewelry will get the job done in no time with the use of our precision laser welding jewelry-making process. To learn a little bit about the benefits of this process, keep reading.


Laser welding jewelry begins with using a concentrated beam as the heat source in order to provide narrow, deep welds. It can be used for small batches and high volume applications. Equipped with our state-of-the-art equipment and masterful techniques, our experts can weld spots with diameters as small as 0.2 millimeters. We work with heat-sensitive metals that would typically prove problematic using other welding methods. We also work with non-traditional materials that cannot be soldered any other way.


When welding two different types of metals together, creating a strong metallurgical bond is of utmost importance. With laser welding, the purity achieved when creating the bond is next to none. It's important to note that when using this process, the bond can also be created without compromising the temper of the metal. In fact, not only will our equipment let us create strong joints with no unsightly discoloration, but we can breath new life into your jewelry without adding any extra materials or fillers to the mix. Let our experts in laser welding jewelry provide you with the best work the industry has to offer.