Once a piece of jewelry has been cast, our experts at AJC Jewelry will provide you with a full range of jewelry finishing techniques to choose from, including raw or unfinished, tumble, matte, and mirror. Whether you already have a particular finish in mind for your project, or you would like our creative direction, our artisans will work with you to bring your masterpiece to life.

Here’s information about the jewelry finishing techniques that we offer at AJC Jewelry. It’s important to remember that a variety of our finishing options can be mixed, as well.


For a raw finish, the casting will be cleaned and pickled but the skin, as well as the sprue or gate, will stay in place. At the end of the day, the jewelry will feature a dull finish.


When it comes to tumbling, this process will not only give your jewelry a semi-bright finish, but it will also slightly harden the metal so that the jewelry itself is more durable and better at holding its shape. Though we will not remove any metal in the tumbling process - keeping the sprue or gate in place - you will have a brighter casting.


A matte finish diffuses light, sending the rays in all directions rather than just one. Because of this, it will not carry a high gleam, but instead offer a more subtle shine. There are many different types of matte finishes, including smooth, satin finish, brushed finish, and even a variety of textured finishes.


A mirror finish takes the most work, but the way your piece of jewelry will reflect flashes of light is completely worth it. Mirror-finished jewelry has been worked so that there are no defects, like nicks, dents, or scratches. The smooth surface has been polished until it features a high mirror shine. Let our experts help you decide which of our jewelry finishing techniques is right for your project today!