AJC Jewelry artisans have the technology and the craftsmanship needed to help you bring your creative vision to life, no matter how complex of a project you have in store for us. In fact, our quick turnaround speeds and attention to detail on projects that reach up to 1,000 pieces will blow you out of the water - and it’s all made possible by the use of jewelry molds.


We use three different types of jewelry mold making materials: silicone, rubber and metal. Each material brings something different to the table, and depending on the task at hand, one type of mold may be more effective for your particular project than another. Our experts will work with you to determine which type of mold is best suited for your project. Here are a few features for each that you should keep in mind.


When working with metal models, the jewelry mold making material must be able to resist both high temperatures and pressure; that makes rubber molds one of our first go-to materials. Not only do they get the job done time and time again, but they are also the most economical when production runs are large. If you have to create a large batch of jewelry on a budget, rubber is your go-to material.


If the material of your model cannot withstand the heat and pressure required in the use of rubber molds, silicone is a great alternative. It’s also a good option to keep in mind when production volumes are low. Silicone jewelry molds are often the best case scenario when working with clay, putty, wax, and even some metals.


Hands down, metal molds are top-of-the-line when measuring precision and consistency throughout the production run. However, this accuracy does come at a price, due to the fact that metal molds are also the most expensive. If your production run is very large and overall consistency is of utmost importance, or you’re requesting a small batch of highly valuable pieces, we definitely recommend the use of metal molds.

Now that you’re equipped with new insight on different types of jewelry mold making materials, get started today!